Yummy Italian Breakfast Hash Recipe:

Yummy Italian Breakfast Hash Recipe:

Recipe Name: Yummy Italian Breakfast Hash Recipe:

Description: Using potatoes as the base for any breakfast or brunch item ensures that you’re going to have a hearty meal that will fill you up for the first part of the day. This Italian breakfast hash is easy to make, it can be preheated over the next few days and it’s fancy enough that you can serve it at a gathering.

Prepration Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Serving: 4 serving

Ingredents Yummy Italian Breakfast Hash Recipe:

  • Olive Oil (2 tbsp )
  • Potatoes (2 cup diced )
  • Onion (1 small diced )
  • Garlic (1 clove minced )
  • Roasted Red pepper (1 cup diced )
  • Breakfast Sausages (1 Ibs. )
  • Eggs (4 poached or fried )
  • Tomatoes (2 small chopped )
  • Parsley (1 sprig )
  • Salt (to taste )
  • Pepper (to taste )

Instructions to make Yummy Italian Breakfast Hash Recipe:

Step #1

Drizzle some olive oil on a skillet or frying pan. Heat the pan on medium / high heat. Peel and dice 2 cups of potatoes. Yellow potatoes or russet work the best, but you can choose whatever is available. Add them to the pan. Dice one small onion. Add it to the frying pan once it’s hot.

Step #2

Add the minced garlic to your frying pan with the other ingredients. Dice the roasted red pepper nice and small. This will be added to the mixture when the cooking process is almost complete.

Step #3

Use whatever breakfast sausage you would like. Remove them from the casings, and sauté them in the hot pan with the other ingredients until completely cooked. You may need to stir and break it up a little as it cooks. The eggs should be cooked separately and place them on top of each serving of the hash. You’ll want to cook the eggs when the hash has about five minutes left to cook.

Step #4

Sprinkle a little fresh or dried parsley on top of each serving of hash. Salt and pepper the hash while it’s cooking in the pan, and you can also add some to taste once it’s plated.

Instructions Yummy Italian Breakfast Hash Recipe:

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