Tasty Mocha-Fudge Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Mocha-Fudge Ice Cream Dessert

Recipe Name: Mocha-Fudge Ice Cream Dessert

Description: This recipe looks and tastes like you spent lots of time and effort, but it's super easy. And you can use any kind of ice cream. My kids like chocolate chip ice cream the best.

Prepration Time: 25 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours, 0 minutes

Serving: 10 serving

Ingredents Mocha-Fudge Ice Cream Dessert

  • Cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies (3 & 3/4 cup crushed )
  • Butter (1/2 cup melted )
  • Fudge ice cream (1 jar topping warmed )
  • Coffee ice cream (1/2 gallon, softened)
  • Frozen whipped (1 carton, topping thawed )
  • Chocolate curls (optional)

Instructions to make Mocha-Fudge Ice Cream Dessert

Step #1

Combine cookie crumbs and butter; press onto the bottom and 1 in. up the sides of a 13x9-in. dish. Freeze 1 hour or until firm.

Step #2

Spread hot fudge topping evenly over crust; freeze 30 minutes.

Step #3

Layer with ice cream and whipped topping. Cover and freeze 8 hours or overnight. Garnish with chocolate curls or sprinkles if desired.

Instructions Mocha-Fudge Ice Cream Dessert

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